Research and evaluation

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Research and evaluation

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In brief

We have produced studies and research by navigating disciplinary and sector divisions, experimenting with innovative approaches and projects, and developing unprecedented cross-sectoral alliances.

We investigate key aspects of creativity, production, organisation, evaluation, and the enjoyment of art and culture. We believe in research that is both useful and rigorous, which integrates an academic approach with experimentation, to nourish projects, policies, and insights.

Some numbers


Economic impact assessments


Policy and program development support activities


Annual reports of the Piedmont Cultural Observatory.


Assessments of cultural and social impacts

Our services

Sector Analysis

We delve deep into sector dynamics, bringing new perspectives and opportunities to light

Cultural Policy Analysis

We focus on policies influencing cultural production and participation, providing clear, shared interpretations.

Research and experimentation with participatory models

We innovate by seeking new modes of involvement and participation in the cultural context.

Studies on Cultural Participation

we analyse the dynamics of cultural consumption and participation.

Support for Policy and Programme Definition

we collaborate to define targeted and strategic cultural policies and programmes.

Impact Assessment

we measure the effects of cultural policies and projects, providing a comprehensive, accurate and independent evaluation.

To whom we address

Public Administration

ministries, regions, municipalities, public bodies, Chambers of Commerce. We are reliable partners for public bodies which share our passion for culture.

Private Clients

enterprises, banking foundations. We collaborate with the private sector to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.

Professional and sector associations

We work alongside organisations which promote the fabric of the cultural and creative industries.

International organisations, networks, and circuits

we collaborate with international partners to promote culture in a cross-cutting and inclusive manner.

Our projects

Research and evaluation

Cultural Observatory of Piedmont

Research, consultancy, assistance, and support activities for decision-makers and entities in the cultural…


Other activities



Placing culture at the centre of public policies

International Cooperation

International Cooperation

Research and Development, Support, and Advocacy in Europe and Beyond

Training and coaching

Training and coaching

Working with organisations to nurture skills

Place-based development

Place-based development

A Wealth of Social and Cultural Innovation