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Nuovi pubblici e musei. Workshop e incontro internazionale sull'audience development

Lifelong training
Turin, 3 - 4 - 5 March 2009


Developing audiences for museums and cultural heritage sites is a common aim, and the activities and conditions to achieve it are discussed by museums and local administrations in almost every European country.
But difficulties soon arise when concretely comparing actions undertaken and methodologies used: finding a common vision of what a museum is, identifying actual staff priorities, the experience and competences needed and the links between their work. The result is that the most effective initiatives created by museums are often not reproducible in other countries, for reasons which are not well understood.
Thus arises the need to clarify different operating and programmatic perspectives, as well as the museological, conceptual and political backgrounds which form the basis of relationships between museums and their audiences, in order to discuss and compare basic issues and to place the debate within a wider perspective.
In this framework it is particularly effective to analyse and compare specific experiences addressed to different target groups and to enter into the heart of programmes, actions and concrete solutions.

In order to discuss museums' audience development (visitors and other users) extensively and productively, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, in cooperation with and supported by the Region of Piedmont, is offering various training sessions.
These include an international conference (3rd March 2009) and an international workshop (3rd, 4th, 5th March 2009).
It is possible to participate in the whole 3-day training or only in the one-day international conference.

International Workshop: 3-4-5 March 2009
International Conference: 3 March 2009

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