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IETM Effects of Networking

This study of the Effects of Networking was commissioned by IETM (Informal European Theatre Meeting), a network of over 450 performing arts organisations active in 40 countries. It was the first study of the processes and effects of cultural networking carried out at a European level between 1998-1999 using a number of different instruments:

  • a questionnaire sent to members to gather quantitative data on IETM organisations
  • 32 direct interviews with network members - chosen for their different sectors, activities, backgrounds and places of residence - who supplied valuable qualitative data relating to their individual experience within IETM
  • telephone interviews with members who had left the network in order to analyse their motives and their movements within the network
  • participation in working groups and meetings, as well as informal sessions held during the meetings in Cardiff (October 1998), Helsinki (April 1999) and Barcelona (October 1999).

The study analysed entrepreneurial behaviour, cultural attitudes, value systems and research carried out by network members leading to the identification of models of behaviour and the main approaches to using the network, as well as the conditions required for its function.

The study examined:
1) the interactions between individuals, paths and personal experience;
2) the effects of networking: tangible and intangible results, expectations, changes brought about through networking on individual members of the network and member organisations;
3) the effects of interactions on the structure of the network: size, organisation, network economies.

The study is also available for consultation on the IETM site.

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