Special Projects

EFFE - Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe Platform

Fitzcarraldo is the Italian partner of the European project EFFE, co-financed by the EC and started by EFA - European Festivals Association – a network of more than 100 festivals in 44 countries. The project develops a platform to disseminate best practices of European festival throughout the world and a prize to award the excellence and the contribution that festivals provide to the cultural and social life in Europe.
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We are partner of LEM - The Learning Museum

Fitzcarraldo is now associate partner of LEM, the network of museums, cultural heritage organisations and adult educators interested in taking part and sharing knowledge and in learning from the communities, from their public, from their stakeholders, and also from other agencies. LEM wants to insure that they can play an active role with regard to lifelong learning and to raise awareness among decision makers at national and European level.
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We joined the Audiences European Network

Fitzcarraldo is now member of Audiences European Network: a European platform for senior cultural professionals to talk about all the things that motivate cultural audiences to attend – and enjoy creative experiences.

Special Projects

2013–2015 - ADESTE - Audience Developer: Skills and Training in Europe

Fitzcarraldo is leader of a European project co-financed by the EC which identifies the best knowledge and the best actions to increase the audience engagement in cultural initiatives. Furthermore ADESTE designs the new professional profile of Audience developer, tests new training methodologies meeting the needs of the labour market and researches international best practices. The project consortium involves 10 organisations from Europe, USA and India.


We are networking

Fitzcarraldo joined two new international networks: the peer network Creative Heritage and the platform EVOCH - Economic Value of Cultural Heritage.

Research and Consulting

Measuring Museum Impacts - The Learning Museum

A general overview on the main issues concerning the different kinds of impact evaluation in the museum sector - economic, educational, social, relational, environmental - but also practical information and guidelines. The publication contains the results of the research undertaken by the European funded project 'The Learning Museum'.
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Research and Consulting

Global Handbook for Measuring Cultural Participation

The handbook is online. Written by the Fitzcarraldo research unit, commissioned by UNESCO. It includes theories and case studies, it outlines methodologies, trends and phenomena on cultural consumes and participation. The handbook is thought for researchers, statisticians and public officers, paying special attention to be applicable in emergent Countries.
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Research and Consulting

Multidimensional analysis of the visitors to the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre 2012

Fitzcarraldo carries out for Slow Food a wide-spectrum research about the people who participate in the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre 2012. The survey is designed to detect the profile and identity of visitors, the reasons why, the ways of participation, the perception and the overall satisfaction. The study aims to reconstruct the economic impact and the additional benefits coming from from indirect expenditure generated by the visitors.

Research and Consulting

Matera 2019. Candidate city European Capital of Culture

Fitzcarraldo is part of the technical team working at the candidature of the city of Matera to become European Capital of Culture in 2019. Fitzcarraldo is carrying out an international benchmarking for the application setting up.


MASCULT. Master in advanced studies in Cultural Management

The second edition of the biannual Master  for cultural managers – which we organise in Lugano (CH) together with the Conservatory of the Italian Swiss – was launched last 19th October 2012.


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