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Limited art editions by Carlo Zauli for Fondazione Fitzcarraldo

Fundraising campaign

On the occasion of the Fondazione Fitzcarraldo's 10th anniversary, the Carlo Zauli Museum gave, exclusively to Fitzcarraldo, two limited editions by the sculptor Carlo Zauli: the Stele and the Quadrifoglio (The Stele and the Four Leaf Clover). It is possible to buy those works of art at a very special price. Your purchase will contribute to strengthen Fitzcarraldo, an independent centre for 10 years at the service of Arts & Culture.

The takings will be earmarked to reinforce Fitzcarraldo assets, as well as for the scholarship to a young artist residency at the Carlo Zauli Museum and for the production costs.

Those editions will be limited and exclusive – only 99 examples – and they underline the relationship between Fondazione Fitzcarraldo and the Carlo Zauli Museum, since the museum's birth.

Take part to this initiative dedicated 100% to arts and culture!


cm 38,5 X 13 X 13
€ 860 vat included

- 58% the increase of Fitzcarraldo assets
- 17,5% a scholarship for a young artist
- 24,5% the production and the copyright of the piece of art
cm 13 X 15 X 14
€ 360 vat included

- 45% the increase of Fitzcarraldo assets
- 55% the production and the copyright of the piece of art


Simona Martini (Fondazione Fitzcarraldo)
tel. +39 011.5099317

The amount includes a donation to the endowment of Fondazione Fitzcarraldo against which Fitzcarraldo will issue a receipt. Aganist the rest, Fitzcarraldo will issue an invoice.


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